What's Your Legacy?
Legacy Institute Gathering 2017

Meet men and women as passionate about legacy as you are, discuss with them the practicality of building your dreams for real

A collaboration between Virgin Unite and the Legacy Institute

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Welcome to the Gathering 2017

The Legacy Institute created the Gathering to explore what can happen when a select group of powerful, like-minded individuals converge in a magical setting to think bigger, and to discuss how to revolutionise the way business, the environment and the social sector can work together to change the world for the better. To make history.

The Gathering attracts senior leaders, practitioners, service providers, administrators, governments, NGOs and researchers to explore the concept of legacy building, with the aim of strengthening our work and taking steps towards advancing legacy building around the world.

This Gathering is focused on the theme of crafting a living legacy and has invited special speakers to comment on each topic - from 'new frontiers in legacy' to 'doing philanthropy better'.

Come join us for the Legacy Gathering to see how we can change the world together.


There are no speakers at the Legacy Gathering, but there is no shortage of outstanding people willing to discuss your legacy with you


Sam Pitroda

Legacy Institute

Steven Sonsino

Legacy Institute

Jacqueline Moore

Legacy Institute

Saurabh Srivastava

Legacy Institute

Mo Ibrahim

Mo Ibrahim Foundation

Bjorn Lomberg

Copenhagen Consensus

Nandan Nilekani

Co-founder Infosys

Muhammad Yunus

Grameen Bank


The cost is $TBC USD to stay in a room on Necker Island/Alibag for all 4 nights, regardless of single or double occupancy. This experience includes four nights, five days of inspiration and enjoyment and charitable contributions to both Virgin Unite and the Legacy Institute.

Top-Level Itinerary

A final itinerary will be published six weeks before the Gathering.

Day 1

  • 4.00pm Guest Arrival
  • 5.00pm Free time on Necker Island/Alibag
  • 7.00pm Welcome Drinks
  • 8.00pm Group Dinner

Days 2, 3 & 4

  • 8.00am Breakfast
  • 9.00am Dialogues - from 'The Frontiers of Legacy' to 'What's the Most Good You Can Do?'
  • 12.30pm Lunch
  • 2pm Free time on Necker Island/Alibag
  • 6.30pm Sunset Cocktails
  • 8.00pm Dinner

Day 5

  • 7.30am Breakfast
  • 10.00am Guest Departure


The Gathering is an incredible incubator of brilliant ideas in magical settings. We are honoured to host leaders who have the vision to see the potential of a better world and who can have laughs along the way.

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Contact us

Regardless of where you're travelling from, generally the best place to fly into is Beef Island, Tortola (airport code BIS) and from there it's just a short boat ride to Necker Island.

If you'd like some assistance with travel or hotel reservations (especially if you're making the long trek from Australia) or if you'd like us to extend your stay somewhere in the British Virgin Islands or in San Juan, we'll be happy to make a suggestion for you.

The group will plan to check in any time after 4pm on Sunday and be out by noon on Thursday. The first sessions will be held on Monday morning.

Please contact Steven Sonsino with the Legacy Institute or Nicole Darsney with Virgin Unite for more details.

Legacy Institute Address

29 Harley Street
London W1G 9QR
United Kingdom

Call us on

Steven Sonsino +44-123-456-7890
Nicole Darsney +1 646 845 3481